Park Community Credit Union - Fee Schedule

Fees the non-profit way.

No one wants to hear about fees, but you’ll find that Park Community has some of the lowest fees around. You’ll also notice that many of these fees are avoidable by maintaining an account in good standing. You won’t find a better combination of service, rates, and resources anywhere. Everything you need to live your life your way is at Park Community.

Fee schedules. Not that we want them.

We can't operate without them, unfortunately.

Checking Services Description Charge
Regular Checking Charged if minimum daily balance drops below $200 in combined deposits or if no loan/credit card relationship. $5.00/mo
Fresh Start Checking I Monthly maintenance fee. $12.00/mo
Fresh Start Checking II Monthly maintenance fee. $15.00/mo
Next Step Checking Monthly maintenance fee. $9.00/mo
Copy of Check Per item. $5.00
Stop Payment Fee Per item. $32.00/each
NSF Items Includes returned checks, pre-authorized debits/ACH originations & ATM/Debit card overdrafts. $32.00/each
Courtesy Overdraft Fee Per item paid. $32.00/each
Excessive Overdraft Transfer Fee Charged when money is transferred from savings to checking to cover an overdraft. Each month, the first 2 days used are free. $5.00/day
Temporary Checks 8 checks. $3.00
Savings Description Charge
Savings Maintenance Fee Charged to members with a savings account relationship only (includes Regular, Holiday, Vacation, and Additional Savings), a minimum combined daily balance below $200, and no other services with Park Community. Fee waived the first 6 months of membership, for members under 18 and over 65, and if you have a loan/credit card relationship or paid off a loan/closed a credit card within the last 6 months. $5.00/mo
Check Cashing Fee–Savings relationship only Charged if member has no Park Community loans or less than $200 in combined savings and certificates. Waived for ages under 18 and over 65. $5.00/check
Closed Account Fee If account is closed within 6 months of opening. $10.00
Holiday Savings Early Withdrawal Waived from first business day in October – January 31. $8.00/withdrawal
Share Certificate Early Withdrawal Penalty Fee Charged to members who withdraw from a share certificate prior to the scheduled maturity date that was originally opened after January 1, 2016 or renewed after June 6, 2018. Please refer to your Truth-in-Savings Disclosure for early withdrawal penalties that apply to share certificates opened prior to January 1, 2016. $25.00 plus 1/2 of dividends that would have been earned from the date of withdrawal to the maturity date
Money Market Description Charge
Below Minimum Withdrawal Fee Applies to withdrawals less than $250. $10.00/occurrence
Over Transaction Limit Applies to withdrawals in excess of 6 electronic withdrawals in a calendar month. Combination of transfers, ACH debits & a maximum of 3 checks. In person withdrawals or requests for checks to be mailed are not included in the maximum allowed. $10.00/occurrence
ATM / Debit Card Description Charge
ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee "Standard Shipping (7-10+ business days) Quick Ship to Park (Guaranteed 5 business days) Quick Ship to Member (Guaranteed 5 business days, requires singature)" $5.00, $50.00, $60.00
ATM Card Monthly Fee With Checking relationship. $1.00/mo
ATM Card Monthly Fee With Savings relationship only. $6.00/mo
ATM/Debit Card Usage Fee First 7 are free each mo. – includes Alliance One, Republic Bank, Money Pass, and Intercept transactions – does not include foreign ATM surcharge. $1.00 per use
International Transaction Fee Fee will be based on transaction amount. No charge
Miscellaneous Fees Descriptions Charge
Convenience Payment Via telephone $10.00
Lost Safe Deposit Box Key Drilling Fee $125.00
Dormant Account Fee Charged to members who have an inactive account relationship for 12 months and a combined daily balance below $1,000 (Excludes Share Certificate, Health Savings Accounts, IRA Certificates, IRA Savings, and Educational Savings Accounts). Fee waived for members under age 18. $7.00/mo
Cashiers Check Fee – Member Per item. $5.00 each
Cashiers Check Conversion Fee – Non Member Per item. $9.00 each
Mailed Statement Fee (Fee waived for members under the age of 18 and over the age of 65 or members with a Timeless checking account.) $1.00/statement/month
Research/Reconciliation By appointment only. $15.00/hour
Returned Foreign Deposit Items drawn outside the United States. $32.00 each
Foreign Deposit Deposits from outside the United States. $12.00
Returned Deposit Fee "Drawn on Member’s acct at another financial institution. Drawn on third party’s account." $32.00/item, $15.00/item
Returned Mail Fee Per item. $10.00
Shared Branch Excessive Withdrawals First 4 withdrawals (or cash back) per month are free. $5.00 each
Skip-A-Month Not available on all loan products. $25.00/per skip
Overnight Delivery Fee Per item. $17.50
Statement Copy Per item. $5.00 each
Wire Transfer – Incoming Per item. $10.00/wire
Wire Transfer – Outgoing Per item. $20.00/wire
Wire Transfer – International Per item. $40.00/wire

HSA Fees & Charges

Type Description Charge
HSA Card Replacement Fee Standard Shipping (7-10+ business days) FREE